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Carl Mann

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i refuse to kiss anyone's ass when i am mad... but when i'm...


"you're just smart enough to say alive..."


yesterday i posted some bullshit and got 20 likes, today i...


i don't know you well enough, so i judge you solely on you fb...


i hear people say 'carpe diem' seize the day, I say "carpe...


i offered to tounge punch an ass hole, she punched me.


My favorite band is " something on my junk google search images"


Hey just seeing you reminds me,.. FUCK OFF !


Ahmm. sorry to interrupt,... Fuck your feelings.


Thanks for putting 'Boss' in big letters, glad to know i can...


i say we start calling tattoos douche tags


Wow, you really are the king of douche-opilus.


i was just a bit hungry. i heard there was a 69 plater for...


this is my coffee, this is my rum. this one's for pleasure,...


on my first cup of happiness i say fuck a lot.


I think i shall lock the Caps lock and unleash some furry.


beer taste good, but my stomach is bubbling, wonder how this...


being weird is a blessing , because the idiots are mass...

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