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Have you met my friend, George Washington?


You make me Justin Beiber.




I got 30% percent on my final exam. At least I failed with a...


Seeee...nothing is ever on MY wish list because, I'm not a...


Mmmmm...garlic breath.


Note to Self: Take Your Meds.


Look! I can't kick for shit.


Hey! You look like a stupid-smart person. Wanna write my essay...


That's for poking me on Facebook so many times!!!


Haaaaaay Hoe Haaay!


It's not psychotic if you call the guy 20 times right?...


I tap into my Facebook through this shit.


Baby got back!


Santa never brought me anything for Christmas. I guess he's...


Spice Girls, Pussy cat dolls... Porn stars! Introducing...


The cheesiest things I do, to get laid.


Oh, stop it! You're making me want to take a dump on your shoe.

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