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How do I create a card?
To create your very own rotten ecard go here

What are featured ecards?
If your ecard is good and rotten our staff will feature your ecard for the world to enjoy!
If your ecard is "Featured" it can not be deleted or changed.

What is the embed code below each ecard?
The Embed code is used for embedding the rotten ecard onto a web page.

How do I cancel my account?
You can change your username, avatar or any other info on this page

How do I edit or delete an ecard?
Login and click your "username" and then "ecards". You will see a "delete" button under each ecard.

How do I post to FB?
Under each ecard you will see the share options for FB, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.

Can I use these ecards on my website or blog?
Yes, You can use the ecard as is without altering the images or the Rotten ecards logo.

Do you pay writers?
No, All ecards are created by our members that enjoy creating and sharing their custom Rotten ecards.

NEW Funny Stuff EVERY 3 Hours - Check out